Frequently asked Questions

Do you provide training?

Yes we do. We provide training individually and for groups on how to use, telephone, voicemail and ACD.

What is the difference between a New and a Refurbished Equipment?

New units and refurbished units are relatively the same with the difference of cost. Refurbished units are built by the manufacturer and sold with the manufacturer’s?warranty. If you are starting a new business, we suggest that you consider refurbished units to start as they are cost effective.

Does Polar Networks sell New and Refurbished equipment and what are the warranty packages like?

Yes. Polar Networks has access to a wide range of products and both New and Refurbished equipments and all come with the standard manufacture’s?warranty on parts and labor.

Is there a way of tracking volume?

Yes. With the assistance of software, call volume can be tracked in various categories such as by the hour, day, week and month. This can be done with an IP Telephone System